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We are a totally Nicaraguan company, our managerial multidisciplinary equipment is shaped by professional specialists with years of experience in the technological platform of Microsoft, with multiple certifications, and by a managerial high-level equipment. We are the only company in his type on the Nicaraguan market with Professionals Certified by Microsoft. You can find us in the Directory of Resources of Microsoft as "Microsoft Certified Partner" in http: // pinpoint.microsoft.com/en-US/SelectCulture.aspx, selecting as country Nicaragua. We are contributing a granite of sand to the technological development of our country.


Services of consultancy linked to the technological platform of Microsoft, directed to the organizations that want to turn his technological platform into a key factor of success. We fulfill our mission across the best practices, effective and solutions of confidence, adapted to every need, with a highly qualified personnel in constant update.


To be leaders in the delivery of integral IT solutions, to turn into strategic allies of the organizations who identify his technological platform as a competitive advantage.


Confidence: our central value, it bases our performance, personal relations and processes.
Responsibility: we demand total responsibility of us themselves and support the responsibilities of the others.
Efficiency: we use the resources to the maximum, strain always for making it better.
Quality: compromised with the delivery of quality services, to satisfaction of our clients.
Reciprocity: a mutual benefit is a shared benefit, a shared benefit will last.
Respect: for every individual and appreciation of the contributions that could do each one, acceptance and valuation of the diversity.
Opportunity: stimulus to the innovation, creativity and capture of risks, teamwork.

Certificates awarded to LA EMPRESA